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Itasca Elementary School Supplies

IES School Supplies 2018-2019 (All Grades)

3 Boxes Tissues
2 Large boxes of crayons-8 count
2 Boxes of 8 count Classic Washable Markers
8 Glue Sticks
1 Bottle Elmer’s Glue
3 Plastic Folders with Brads (Red)
4 Dry Erase Markers
1 Lysol Wipes
1 Hand Sanitizer
Mat and Blanket/Towel
Boys-Gallon Ziploc Bags/Girls-Quart Ziploc Bags
A Complete Change of Clothing in a Ziploc Bag
Large Backpack
* Please only put names on mat and Towel/Blanket

4 Boxes of 24 Pack Crayons (Basic Colors)
12 Glue Sticks
2 Box of Tissue
1 Packages of Pencils- (Yellow Only)
Large Backpack
1 Supply Box (Plastic)
1 Box of Markers (Basic Colors)
1 Box of Gallon Size Freezer Bags(boys)/(girls)quart
size freezer bags
2 Spiral -70 count 1 subject Notebook (any color)
2 Plastic Folders with brads (any color)
1 Package of Antibacterial Wipes
1 Package of Pink Erasers
4 Dry Erase Markers

8 Glue Sticks
36 Pencils- #2 Lead
2 Boxes of Crayons- (24 in box)
Box for Supplies
12 Pink Erasers
2 Boxes Washable Felt Tip Markers
2 Dry Erase Markers (any color)
Tissue- 3 Large Boxes Boys- Quart Size Ziploc
Bags/Girls- Gallon size Ziploc Bags
$5.00 for Composition Books, Spirals, and
Folders(Purchased by Teachers)
Do Not Put Names On Supplies

2 Boxes Crayons- 24 Count
20 Glue Sticks
36 Pencils- #2 Lead (Yellow Pencils Only)
1 Zipper Pencil Bag- LArge with 3 hole Punch
3 Boxes Tissues
1 Box Markers- Primary Colors
1 4 Pack Dry Erase Markers
2 Packages of Pink Erasers
1 Box Quart Bags (Girls)
1 Gallon Bags (Boys)
3 Composition Notebook
$5 for pre-purchased binder and supplies

3 Composition Notebooks
1 Spiral Notebook
1 1 ½ inch Binder with Inside Pockets
5 Plastic folders with Brads- 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1
Purple, 1 Black
12 Glue Sticks
36 Pencils-#2 Lead, No Mechanical Pencils
1 Package of 8 Pink Erasers
2 Boxes of 24 Count Crayons
2 Boxes of Colored Pencils
2 Boxes of Markers- Basic Colors
2 Boxes of Tissues
1 Zipper Pencil Bag- Large with Three Holes to Place
in Binder
1 set of Earbuds or Headphones
BOYS- Gallon Size Freezer Ziploc Bags
GIRLS- Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags
$5 for School Planner (Collected at the Beginning of
the School Year)

24- #2 Pencils (No Mechanical Pencils)
24 Red Pens
2 Crayola thin line Markers(8 color set)
2 Colored Map Pencils(2 Sets)
6 Glue sticks
5 Plastic Folders with Brads (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow,
1 Purple, 1 Orange)
1 1 Subject Notebook 100 sheets (Wide Ruled)
4 Composition Notebooks
1 Sturdy Pencil Bag (no box)
2 Boxes of Kleenex
1 Box Quart Size Plastic Bags
2 Notebook Paper 150 Sheets Wide Ruled
$5.00 for Student Planner

36 #2 Pencils
4 Glue Sticks
1 3 Subject Spiral Notebook (Wide Ruled)
3 Notebook Paper 150 Sheets (Wide Ruled)
2 Composition Notebooks
3 Boxes of Kleenex
3 Packages of 3x5 (Lined) Index Cards
1 Box Freezer Bags- Boys-Gallon/Girls-Sandwich
1 Pair of Headphones or Earbuds
$5.00 for Student Planner
Red Ink Pens
Colored Map Pencils
*Optional- Binder for Student Organization
**Supplies will need to be replenished as needed
throughout the year.